From office assistant to loyal patient


When I was 16 years old, Drs. Calvo and Waldbaum hired me as an office assistant. I was so impressed with the quality of care provided, I immediately became a patient, and also convinced my parents to give Drs. Calvo and Waldbaum a try. Now, 16 years later, not only are my parents and I still patients, but so are my husband, my sister, and my nephew. I cannot speak highly enough of the professional, kind, and skilled care that my family receives from the entire office staff. I feel so fortunate to have found a dental office that provides excellent care, while continuing to make me – and those I love – feel like a part of the office family.  

Laura T.

Worth traveling from Texas for trusted, honest dentist

Dr. Waldbaum

Our daughter suggested Dr. Toni to my husband and me and I am very thankful she did and that I listened to her. I needed a filling and I hadn't had a filling done in many, many years, so I was a little apprehensive. But, the office had a great dental hygienist doing my teeth cleanings so I made the appointment with Dr. Toni to do my filling. As she was prepping me, she says "My dad told me to work on everyone's mouth as if I was working on my Mother's." And I can testify, she does.

Their insurance person...goes way beyond any other doctor's office staff that I have ever known. My husband of 43 years has always been the one the dentists make their money off of, so I am prepared for hearing "he needs this or that" with a new dentist. This didn't happen with Dr. Toni. She advised him of some watch points for the future. Then, when he had two teeth implants and we moved out of the Seattle area, my husband went back to Dr. Toni for them She connected with the University of Washington to do the implants while she did the teeth. Never a question in our minds who we trusted to do the best job and who was honest.

Andrea B.

25 years of loyalty: they helped me get over my fears and literally saved my life!

Dr. Waldbaum

I have been a patient of Smiles by Calvo for nearly 25 years. Originally I started out as patient of Sid Calvo's and now regularly see his daughter Toni. When I first saw Sid, his motto was "We Cater to Cowards". It was a humorous reference to most people's fear about going to the dentist. Sid always insisted that there was no reason for dental patients to fear the procedures they would experience. He and his staff worked hard to see that each patient experienced a minimal amount of pain. Something Toni and Richard and all their hygienist continue to do today. That alone was enough for me to recommend the "Calvo Clan" to more then one friend.

That being said, it was Toni who may have saved my life. During  a routine visit in late 2009, I mentioned I had been experiencing an unexplained source of pain on the underside of my tongue. Toni examined my tongue and found a white lesion...and insisted I have my tongue checked by an Oral Surgeon. Had Toni not insisted I further seek out what the source of my pain was I would now be dead. That conclusion is not just my opinion but it is also the opinion of my Cancer team.

Mike L.

Best dental office for anyone at any age

Dr. Waldbaum

Dr. Waldbaum and her staff are the best dental office I've had. Dr. Waldbaum is caring, thorough, and very professional. I have never been a fan of going to the dentist but their care and reassurance have always put my mind at ease, allowing me to get any dental work done. I would recommend her and her staff to anyone of any age.

Renee F.

Dr. Waldbaum's concern for comfort will put you at ease

Dr. Waldbaum

Dr. Waldbaum is caring, gentle, and a terrific dentist. She’s wonderful with children too. She’s very concerned about your comfort and puts you at ease. I have been a patient for many years and have referred family, friends, and coworkers to her as I know she will provide outstanding care. Her office team is welcoming, kind, and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Waldbaum!

Leanne L.


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